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The input wire (usually called Hot Wire) comes from the pickup switching and along with the ground wire they must be connected to the marked points on the circuit board.

The mono output jack in the guitar will be replaced with an already wired, high quality stereo jack which powers the booster's circuit as long as the guitar cable is inserted.

With educational games and activities, schools, teachers and students love learning with the too!

If holiday fun is what you want, check out the kids games and puzzles in the Valentine's Day, Easter Holidays, St.

Cartoon Network is home to your favourite cartoons with hundreds of free online games for kids.

Play games online with Cartoon Network characters from Adventure Time, Gumball, Ben 10, Regular Show, The Powerpuff Girls, We Bare Bears, Teen Titans, Steven Universe, Uncle Grandpa and many more.


They're packed full of holiday-themed games and activities for fun-loving holiday kids!If you ever felt the need to change guitar pickups with hotter ones without losing their character, or if you ever wanted to have a pushed amp in a solo instance with a simple gesture, this booster comes in handy, literally.The Micro Booster Preamp can be ordered with the following options: BECOS Micro Booster Preamp gets it's name from it's tiny footprint as well as it's electronic design - a FET implementation derived from original vacuum tube audio amplifier circuits.FET's have always been used in high fidelity amplifiers for their warmth, usually associated with tubes.

The same goes here: the sound of the Micro Booster Preamp is very much like a tube preamp!

Intensely tested with some of the most fabled guitars from makers such Gibson, Fender, Music Man, Ibanez, all fitted with an assortment of humbuckers & single coil pickups, the circuit was carefully calibrated for best sounding clean boost and treble boost.


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