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Erotic massage may be utilized as a sex therapy, that is, as a means of stimulating the libido or increasing the ability of a person to respond positively to sensual stimulus.

In some cases, erotic massage can be a form of foreplay without sexual gratification, intended to heighten the sensitivity of an individual prior to another engagement where sexual arousal and fulfillment is intended.

In other cases, erotic massage may be used professionally to help men address issues of premature ejaculation.

Methods employed may teach the recipient to relax the musculature of his pelvis and thus prolong arousal and increase pleasure.

Additionally, as having someone pleasure you with their hands doesn't tend to bring up the same set of cultural fears and judgments that oral sex or intercourse sometimes do, it sometimes works well even when your partner isn't of a gender you are normally attracted to.

The internal migration of Thai females consists mostly of young girls from the hill tribes of the North and Northeast of the country.

One million women from Burma, southern China, Laos and Vietnam have been trafficked into Thailand.

This kind of “Soapy Massage” is usually performed in a room with a large bath top, air mattress and bed. This kind of massage is actually a full body-to-body sensual massager which is performed amongst two naked individuals with a special variety of massage gel which is called Nuru massage gel or simply nuru gel.In the United Kingdom many illegal brothels are disguised as "massage parlours" in the UK.In 2005, it was reported that, in Manchester, there were around eighty "massage parlours" which were fronts for prostitution and that the police ignored those establishments, focusing instead on reducing street prostitution.Erotic massage or sensuous massage is the use of massage techniques to achieve or enhance sexual arousal.

Massages have been used for medical purposes for a very long time, and their use for erotic purposes also has a long history.In the case of women, the two focal areas are the breasts and pubis. The erotic massage can take you beyond the usual limitations of the humans to the state of above-human, emphasizing the specific manifestion qualities of your higher self. A wide range of erotic massage books, videos, accessories and lubricants are marketed for private use.


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