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“Eventually, what motivates people to maintain a relationship is the fact that they find a good match in their partners, whether it’s because they have the same interests or they can discuss so many things with ease,” she says.

Indeed, this is the most important aspect in maintaining a relationship, regardless of the ethnicity or the origin of the partner.

Published by Rene Books this year, it is based on her interviews with several women with Western partners to understand their motivation in pursuing the men.

Getting infected with sexually transmitted diseases is definitely scarier than getting pregnant,” she says.And kudos for the writer for being bold enough to raise this issue in the first place. Without fail, almost every Indonesian woman I've seen with a western boyfriend can't help her eyes popping wide and sneakily checking me out multiple times when they see me. But I feel sorry for the boyfriend if he's with a girl who seems to be constantly on the lookout for an "upgrade".



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