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In some bars there are different cover charges for legal drinking-age customers and for minors who may not purchase or drink alcohol (e.g., a cover charge for those over 21 and an cover for minors).

In economics, the term "price discrimination" refers to charging different prices to different customers, based on the anticipated elasticity of demand of different customers.

When a group of people sit at a table in a restaurant, some restaurants will charge a fee even for a guest who does not order any food; this charge is for the service of setting out the tablecloth, napkin, and cutlery.

Although the charge is often said to be for bread, butter, olives, etc.

In North America, the cover charge for a performance by a local teenage band may be as low as a few dollars; a show by a nationally-known band with a recording contract may have a to cover.


Some expensive jazz clubs and comedy clubs have both a cover charge and a minimum drink requirement.The concept, and term, was later used in the US in the 1920s by illegal bars called speakeasies, during the Prohibition-era ban on alcohol.


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