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Quick To S: You are free to use: as part of your avatar, decorate your profile (at any site), re-post with credits/link to this journal!Not allowed to: sell in any way, claim as yours, re-post without credits.//Going to add more as soon as I get time to draw more of those thingies :3 Decorations: Icons: About MMD Yan Sim Models Hi anyone reading this, but I just want to notify you sorry for the inactivity for a while.I have been taking a break for a very long time and I have little to no interest in Yandere Simulator and MMD.I have no motivation to finish what I started, and I don't want to just keep saying, "Model will be put on download soon." What I want to say is that I won't be making anymore Yandere Simulator models and I want to break any promises I made from you guys.What's going to happen when someone sees them naked in a hot tub or bath, or even while trying on a skin?For years now, adults playng in SL have safely ignored the offical stance on nudity & sex in what used to be called PG regions.Will we have to sell our land cheap & move to a new region because some over-zelous parent reported us for being naughty where a minor could see us? Actually it is an allergic reaction to the propolis, or “bee glue”, that gets mixed with the wax. I use it in most of the skin care products I make because it is easy to work with and is so beneficial for the skin. Beeswax is made by female worker honeybees and is used to build the walls of their honeycomb cells in which they store honey and pollen and raise their young.

Journal to compile free-to-use Christmas things from me~ Have fun!

It has taken me over a year to solve the mystery of the exasperating recurring rash around my mouth and now that I have figured it out, I am sharing my findings so you can recognize the symptoms and heal your skin if you also suffer from an allergic lip rash that you previously have been unable to diagnose. It acts as a barrier to hold moisture in the skin but it is breathable and doesn’t block pores. This wax is smooth, light yellow, and has the subtle (delicious! Propolis is a sticky resinous substance that bees collect from the sap of certain trees, mainly poplar and conifer.


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