Sex chat to strangers


No one will act like themselves on these sites."I understand the appeal of both of Omegle and Chatroulette.

That said, I worry that the sites further loosen the social rules about what you should and shouldn't say to another person - at the exact moment when young women are developing their communication skills.

You can pretend you're famous or look for the celebs who supposedly use the sites, ask silly questions, or save random conversations to laugh about with your friends later. "I've made some really great friends through [Chatroulette], especially people from France." AW, 16, told me.

It's been, she added, "110% beneficial to my French grade." Many girls go on Chatroulette in groups, adding to the fun factor.

Chatroulette works pretty much the same way, except instead of a text that pops up, it's a video.

The first thing they ask is if they can get anything, such as a girl to expose herself or something with no strings attached.

This is entertainment for them and some girls think it's just as entertaining to go along with it."On Omegle, says JS, "almost half the time you log onto the site, the first thing the stranger you get connected to says 'slutty?


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