Amber dating hyuna

Kpop may create great pop music, but it is unforgiving to those that step outside of the mold.Aside from Me Us, the successful concert was also attened by f(x) family, close friends inclusing some celebrities and more.

Fanaccounts say that Jessica and Krystal had quite some interaction which warmed fans hearts who love the Jung Sisters.Hyuna has been very tightly controlled in a similar way as American starlets, but with her sexuality being exploited right at the cusp of the 18-22 age range.I hope with her considerable talent that when and if she decides to move in another direction that she directly controls, she will reach even greater success. Realistically in kpop, the industry doesn’t create the opportunity for artists to create a singular statement as an artist — they will always be controlled by their label and the industry as a whole.Source & Image: Dong A via Nate ;É claro que é a Amber,não é a primeira vez que falam que as duas saem juntas,só dessa vez não sabiam que era a Amber.


A Amber me parece ser gentil e boa com todos,e amiga de todos e respeitosa também.In related news, Hyun A is currently promoting as the duo unit 'Troublemaker' along with B2ST member Hyunseung.


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