Amy dating columnist

She’s made the honor roll for three semesters in a row.

Dear Amy: My daughter is graduating from high school.

One of my recent favorites was Amy's answer to a woman who, after a calamitous divorce, wanted to know what she might expect when meeting the "happily married" old boyfriend who got back in touch as soon as he heard she was single. So let me take a pass at yours: He: 'I'm miserable. I think about you all the time.' You: 'Check, please.' And … When asked by a woman still having an affair with a colleague a few weeks before his wedding whether she was the "right" woman or the "other" woman, E.

scene."The other advice giver I see as a sort of modern I-Ching is E. Jean; since 1993, she's been using her words as whips and crops. Jean cuts deliberation short by explaining "Alas, you're neither the 'right woman' nor the 'other woman.' You're the sucker."And while the rest of us might be amateurs, we nevertheless have our signature pieces.

Simultaneously simple and profound, the best advice is also almost universally applicable.


I'm such an "Ask Amy" fan I turn to her page after glancing at the headlines (just to make sure we'll be around long enough for advice to be useful).

So does a line from one of my mentors from grad school: "The people who don't like you now, darling, will simply like you less as time passes.


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    Of all households, 20.4% were made up of individuals and 7.4% had someone living alone who was 65 years of age or older.

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