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D is the sacred Druidic oak which rules the waxing year, and T is the evergreen oak or holly; the bloody oak which rules the waning part of the year.

Jesus is often identified with the holly but it was not the holly king but the oak king who was crucified on a T-shaped cross.

I think the Brits may have conflated this with the European Union when spelling the Americanism.

There is a variation where it is pronounced E (pause proportional to the magnitude of distaste)U.


SEMANTIC ENIGMASAmericanisms: Most people, especially the young, now seem to express distaste for something by saying Eu! I guess the answer to your question is dependent upon your context of the word you're using since I don't recognise the spelling.See also Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (oak and holly) who agreed to behead each other each alternate New Year. I HAVE heard that "April rainers" refers to the constellation Hylades which consists of eight stars, rises with the sun in April and is nicknamed "the rainy Hylades" presumably as its rising coincides with Spring showers.


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    About 20% were under 20 and about 10% were 40 and older. There were no groups whatsoever of people 40 or older.

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