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Aries and Aquarius are respectively the first and eleventh signs of the zodiac calendar.And despite having different influences, the two signs share a number of personality traits.Aries Woman and Aquarius Man The vivacious and high-spirited personality of an Aries woman is not just about shopping for new things to wear or checking out the new nightclubs in town.In fact her infectious enthusiasm is driven by a keen mind which shoots up brilliant ideas and is forever in search of new challenges.The Aries-Aquarius love compatibility thus scores high on adventure and intellectual companionship.Since both the individuals are extremely energetic and vivacious, their relationship will hardly ever become boring and always remaining interesting to each other.Aries Man and Aquarius Woman The match between an Aries man and Aquarius woman seems to be made in the heavens; he will find in her unique individuality an echo of his own free-spirited personality.Both the signs tend to go against traditions and find it difficult to adhere to rules and conventions.

It is not in the nature of an Aquarius lover to burn with the white heat of passion unlike say a Scorpio or indulge in sensual pleasures like a Taurus male.

Aries is a fire sign and thus tends to be energetic, supremely confident and capable of shooting brilliant ideas.

Aquarius is an air sign but possesses much of the same agile mental faculties and ability to conceive far-reaching ideas.

However here too, the emotional distance maintained by the airy female Aquarius will naturally take the fizz out of male Aries aggression and she will simply keep away till her boyfriend cools off and everything is as hunky-dory as before.


All in all, the Aries man and Aquarius woman will share a high degree of romantic compatibility, provided they can learn to adapt to each other’s rather fixed points of views.Interestingly enough, Aquarius is ruled by two planets – Uranus and Saturn – which often lend them a curious duality so that this sign can be affable and distant or freedom-loving and obstinate by turns.


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