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What the Scorpio Man Really Wants When Dating The Scorpio man is a magnet for dating.His sign is the eighth sign in the zodiac—the house that rules death, sex and taxes—things we rarely talk about.The Scorpio man is the seeker of truth in everything and everyone he gets close to.Keeping secrets from him is practically impossible, so don’t try.He holds an immense amount of intuitive ability and he is also very sensitive and complex.But, he rarely shows that on the outside, unless he’s with someone he trusts. He longs to make that intimate connection that is so deep and strong that nothing breaks it.Other water signs like Pisces or Cancer seem to blend with his qualities of emotion and intuition.And, he admires earth signs for their honest, straight-forward approach to life.


Sex With a Scorpio Man The Scorpio man is filled with passionate feelings and desires that run deep.

In astrology, this sign rules the genitals which is why he’s often described as a sex maniac.

Adventurous and sexually open are the best words to describe this lusty and voracious sexual animal. He’s just way more open and truthful about his lustful thoughts than others, and he’s always ready to try anything at least once.

Being a water sign, the Scorpio man feels deeply about everything in his life.

If he’s dating someone, he needs to feel that he’s dating someone just as sensitive as he is.He can capture the heart of any sign in the zodiac, and he probably wouldn’t mind getting intimate with any of them either.


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