Autoupdatingcurrentlocale ios

/samples/monotouch/ios8\People Picker/ Sample demonstrates how to use the Address Book UI people picker./guides/cross-platform/ci/configuring_tfs/ This guide will cover the settings and configurations necessary to use a self-hosted Team Foundation Server (TFS) with Xamarin for the Continuous Integration (CI) of mobile apps.This is the code I wrote for an application, you could extend it to your need. The locale is formed from the settings for the current user’s chosen system locale overlaid with any custom settings the user has specified in System Preferences.Probably NSCalendar components:from Date:to Date: is what you want.It is easy to implement one yourself, if you take a look at NSDate Components./guides/ios/application_fundamentals/working_with_property_lists/ This document introduces Xamarin Studio's graphical and advanced property list (.plist) editor for working with Info.plist and Entitlements.plist.It illustrates setting icons and launch images for i OS application, and demonstrates specifing app capabilities (entitlements) from inside Xamarin Studio.

/samples/monotouch/Open GLESSample-Game View/ Demonstrates the use of Open GLES with an i Phone OSGame View.

I want to get a particular format for my date in my i OS app. I want to display the date with the following format if the text was received less than a week ago: "Today, PM" "Yesterday, AM" "Monday, PM" etc. I've tried few combinations without success, the main problem reside in the first part; Today/yesterday, etc. But, unless you're all tied up in matching the locale or some such, it's a fairly simple matter to just write some code to do it.


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