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Vincent Hughes, City Commissioner Al Schmidt and David Thornburgh of the Committee of Seventy – to hold that event was the fallout from Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump saying, among many things, that:“We have to make sure the people of Philadelphia are protected that the vote counts are 100 percent.Everybody wants that, but I hear these horror shows.As fellow residents ate their lunches, he pointed out where the voting machines go, and how he sets the room up in a fashion that only voters are allowed into the polling area. By watching polls on Election Day, that’s my way of breaking it up. People in this building will vote for who they want to vote for, and if they don’t want to vote for anybody, they don’t have to.” For his part, Green saw the rigged-election chatter as mounting desperation as Trump faces the specter of being defeated on the national stage. If anybody’s engaged in voter intimidation, the 68-year-old hasn’t seen it over the course of the past 40 years of election-day involvement. “Anybody with any wisdom can see that he’s losing so he’ll say anything or do anything to not let that happen because of his pride,” said Green, noting of the 2008 incident that, “Republicans whipped it up so it would become a black/white thing. In 20, Obama carried 96.71 and 96.86 percent respectively.

But as Americans head to the polls, the leader of a black nationalist vigilante group has threatened to fight fire with fire.He has sent out a “call for action”, urging “black men” to “deal with” any threats from white nationalists amid fears “voter suppression” could discourage black voters.


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