Can chiropractors dating former patients

Often in helping their patients, psychologists stand in danger of a developing a personal bond too since in human relationships, the impulses of love and support are closely related and often expressed in the same manner.

Also a therapist listens to a patient without being judgmental, may help to solve long-standing problems, and may be kinder to the patient than the latter’s own friends or family.

To begin with a sexual involvement makes the work of psychotherapy or analysis impossible.

A professional cannot conduct a psychotherapy or analyze a patient with whom he/she is having, or has had, a sexual involvement—there is loss of objectivity and thus the method the psychologist would use to help the patient has been neutralized.

For this reason, A sexual involvement is unethical because the psychologist can no longer exercise beneficence in the professional relationship.

Then again, the psychologist is in a position of power over the patient.

As such these professionals are privy to deepest recesses of their patient’s heart and their keenest personal impulses too.By virtue of their education and training, mental health professionals are armed with the knowledge of what is wrong with a patient and how to treat him/her.


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