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I learn exactly what you want, who you're most compatible with, & I search in high places to find her! De Anna Lorraine is an internationally-acclaimed Dating & Relationship Coach and is recognized as one of the leading and most trusted female Dating Coach for men in the world. Hitch,” she specializes in coaching single men who have been chronically unlucky in love and unsuccessful with women – and ready to flip the script on it! Hitch is responsible for transforming hundreds of men from inexperienced, unpopular, shy, socially awkward, single guys to confident, desirable ‘Casanovas’ who readily attract women.

"De Anna, just wanted to let you know I picked-up several very attractive women while on vacation last week.

I was flirty, smooth, confident, and people at the bar actually told me I had a “magnetic” presence. Got a date set up with Giselle for Sunday night and Amanda next week. " 10 New Years Dating Resolutions for White Guys As we enter into a fresh new year, 2017, there’s some things that I think ALL single daters can do better in 2017 (the “White Guys” was obviously just a joke 🙂 As a Dating & Relationship Coach and Matchmaker who’s on the ground floor working Continue Reading This is a “quick and dirty” set of Tips, Do’s & Dont’s for GUYS on how to plan for the big day and What to do for their girl – A Must-Read for every guy whether you’ve just started dating a girl, or you’ve been married for years.

We went back and forth flirting so hard, that I think my friends became uncomfortable. C’mon now, would I leave you Continue Reading A lot of people, and especially typical PUAs, will tell you that you’ve got to play a lot of games in order to attract women.

I don’t know how you do it De Anna but you are a serious magic maker! Five months just hit yesterday, and we are going strong.

I don't want to jinx anything, but we continue to be very fortunate and I sincerely know that after so many years of dating “wrong,” I’ve definitely found the special woman in my life because of the Authentic Attraction system. " " De Anna, I want you to know that I am eternally grateful for the change in my romantic life, brought on under your tutelage.

Both of whom, beauty-wise, can hold their own against any supermodel on the planet. This would NEVER have happened 3 months ago before I started your coaching program, not even in my wildest dreams.

Standard Dating puts on a one-day, six-hour PUA boot camp in Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose and the Bay Area.

These pickup artist bootcamps are focused on day game and take place in field with real interactions and immediate feedback.

Here are some other things they tell you: That you should play really hard to get, to get women to “chase” you That you shouldn’t compliment a woman Continue Reading Are you Ready to have an incredible LOVE life & Attract beautiful Women, easily?

Now you can stop dreaming about it & start LIVING this life after just 2 Days in our Breakthrough ‘ATTRACTION BOOTCAMP’ Jan. We accept people from any age group, however we do have age based tiered pricing that allow young men to afford our services.


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