Dating advice for picking up gurls

She sat for hours knocking back cheap whiskey and cursing Clyde and his white bitch.That was what really hurt, to be thrown over not for another Black girl like herself but for a scrawny-assed white slut. Tricia hated whites, had done for as long as she could remember, hated the way they looked down their noses at Blacks like her but went wild for big Black cock, hated the way Black men like Clyde just couldn’t resist white pussy no matter how much finer their own women looked.Yet what comments there were among the secretarial staff were made only once they were absolutely certain she was out of earshot.


No, what really cut her was the laughter of the white bitch standing there with Clyde’s fingers under her micro skirt halfway up her cunt, looking down at her like she was some kind of fucking scum.Her man, a friend of Clyde’s would be back then and he wouldn’t want to see her there.


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    Update the address on your driver license or ID card.

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    Just makes me think you are looking for the barely legal lay and those Canadians do make it so tempting. Hardly, in my opinion, really puts someone in the "predator" bracket.

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    Make staying in touch even easier by adding other email addresses that you commonly use.

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