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They also have duskier heads and brighter rufous tails than do brown morph birds.The cere (soft skin surrounding the nostrils) and legs of all ages are yellow, and the bill, which is relatively heavy, is gray.Tiny Hawks occasionally soar above the forest canopy.Like all accipiters, the Tiny Hawk feeds primarily on birds.Brown morph (genetic mutation) birds are dark brown above, finely barred with black, and buff below, heavily barred with cinnamon.Rufous morph immatures are more chestnut above, and barred with rufous (rather than cinnamon) on the underparts.



The two differ most significantly in relative tail length; differences in size and color are small, and can be hard to distinguish.Their breeding season may vary depending on their location; from Panama to Colombia, it apparently runs between February and June, while in the southern part of the range, it may range from October to January.


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