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If you are looking for Cuba chat room, please click Cuba Chat.If you are looking for a date, please try Cuba Dating site.Finally, if you are not able to meet your Cuban girlfriend outside of Cuba, there is a fairly simple way for Americans to get around the rules: don't fly directly from the United States to Cuba.Instead, fly to another country (Mexico, Jamaica, etc.), then catch another flight to Cuba.It obviously hasn't led to the collapse of Castro's government, but it has kept American men away from the sexy Cuban ladies.However, if you are from Canada, the EU, or the rest of the civilized world you can still visit the "Pearl of the Antilles" without any restrictions.If you would like to chat in our chat rooms, please click here.


Cell phone use in Cuba, especially those with text and chat functionality, is slowly but steadily growing.

Only about 12% of the population has access to the internet connection through the workplace, schools, and government offices.

Even then, the internet is censored, access to websites outside of Cuba is limited, and email is monitored.

This is much less of a problem if you are a Cuban-American.

In recent years, the US has eased travel restrictions for American of Cuban descent, and you now have a decent chance of getting a visa to visit family in Cuba.

Welcome to Chat Cuba, the list of Chat Hour members in Cuba.


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