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She offered some tactics for breaking the ice with the hottie at the dog run.1. It's harder when you have been eyeing that attractive dog owners for months — cheesy pick-up lines work best the first time you lay eyes on someone.4. The Internet is littered with dating sites for all kinds of people and matchmaking sites for dog owners are no exception.Sites like Pets Dating, Animal People Personals, Date My Pet, You Must Love Dogs Dating, and Leashes and Lovers operate on the basic principle that you and your match already have one huge thing in common since you both love dogs.5. Try events like "Meet My Owner," the aforementioned singles mixer for pet owners and pet lovers at the Park Slope Ale House on Sixth Avenue.Joseph Czikk previously has written for the National Post, Montreal Gazette, Vancouver Sun, Regina Leader Post, Techvibes and BC Business Online.Joseph often goes crazy on twitter during NHL and NFL games.We met following a weekend that Beth was away with a group of couples and had had enough with 'the single life' and decided she would go on a date with 'the next half decent guy' that sent her a message on RSVP. If you'll recall, I took Baby Alice's mom, Emily's maternity pictures about a month prior to her arrival.Participants are asked to first fill out a profile with questions like "What would your pet say about you? " Relucio hopes it will make meeting other pet owners easy and fun."There will be drinks, icebreakers and maybe board games," she said.

"It is important to find someone who understands that and eventually wouldn't mind helping out with some of the responsibilities."One solution to the "must-love-dogs-dilemma" is to meet other pet owners — and Relucio is committed to helping people do just that.

Community Q&A Dog lovers are a die-hard group who will go above and beyond to pamper and nurture their pooch.

While not all dog enthusiasts insist that their pup sleep in their bed and wear designer outfits, most dog lovers consider their canine to be an important member of their family.

Points scored for time, against for missing an obstacle.


The AKC holds warm-up events around the country, leading to the Nationals, which will be in Tulsa, in 2013.

It was really amazing taking photos of a belly and seeing the same little babe on her first day in the world.


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