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Call Now Komal 9999 218229 Whats App Available In: - 3*5*HOTEL .& Home IN CALL AND OUT CALL SERVICE AVAILABLE You will see that I am more than just a pretty exterior but a classy lady that understands and appreciates th…

Deciding that it is a good time for a new beginning to my life; I’m going to open my heart and pray that there is that1 special man who will hear my words.


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    I’ve met many charming men who have been very nice to me.

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    Features: The franchise has every NFL team set to User Controlled, however, each team has been set to allow CPU to manage everything. This should be what you do for the first season - the CPU doesn't seem to want to do in-season transactions even if it really really needs to and this screws everything up - but you can reset the cpu controlled teams after the first season in the offseason if you wish. Can't seem to get these type of mods to play well with Madden 12 yet and I don't have the game installed currently since I have no space, so no new updates for 12. Hopefully with this I can inject other mods into the game as well, but this will make it less stringent on the number of, say, Tackles, you need to carry at all times.

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