Dating stratocaster body


Have a read through and hopefully you will pickup a few things to better assert yourself in the late 70's Stratocasters buyer's market. M = Model or Manufacturer O = Operator N = Neck configuration W = Week Y = Year D = Day Neck Stamps: MMNN*WWYD Example: 0900*3893 - Found on the very end of the neck heel, if at all, in green or dark red ink.

First four digits are paired up, 09 is the model number for the Stratocaster, and 00 is the neck configuration, in his case a fretted Maple neck with a Rosewood fingerboard. 38 is the week, 9 stands for the year, 1979, and 3 is the day of the week, which is Wednesday.

Hello , I have some strange situation with date on the body of my guitar , I wrote a letter to consumer relations Saturday but did not get an answer yet - so I made decision write about my problem here , hope You guys`ll help me. ive seen people talking about parts being made a year or 2 apart, but nearly a decade apart ??


Yes, you're right, probability of 8 years difference is not high, if at all.

I really think the term Partscaster is discouraging.

Looks from pictures like a good guitar have fun and do what you want to it.

The body and neck look legit to me; probably someone did a neck swap at some point, putting that 2006 neck on a 1998 body.


You never know; someone could have had several Strats and just matched up a body and a neck that head the same day (but different years) for some crazy reason.

stratocaster: the neck number is : z6025786, there is a mark on the reverse side is: may 06 2006. ive seen people talking about parts being made a year or 2 apart, but nearly a decade apart ??


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