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Stand somewhat near the door, and when someone walks by, be adventurous and say, “Hi” or “Come on in” or “Have a doughnut.” These interactions will be short, which your poor shy self will be able to tolerate, but it will establish a small connection, and you’ll be able to go back in about five minutes and start again.But, be careful not to throw elbows with official greeters if your church should have them. Since you’re all good Christians, I have to explain that a “wingman” is someone a man takes with him to singles' bars to help divide a group of women.There is only one place a man can ask a moral, religious woman he’s just met to stay for breakfast without getting slapped. Many a Christian single has wished to meet someone at church, both because shared faith gives shared purpose to a relationship and because you automatically have a meeting place for shared activities where you can get to know one another.Church is also a great place to make friends with people of your own sex, friends who can later connect you to someone special. ” or “I prophesied that I’d meet someone as wonderful as you here.” Your purpose is to get acquainted with some new people, which involves um, yes, you know, .If you’re female trying to meet guys this way, the order in which you give the cupcakes is not as important since they’re more willing to talk with their mouths full.Talk about the recipe you used; think of fancy things to say about the ingredients, like “Dutch cocoa powder” and “Mexican pure vanilla extract.” The ability to bake is a very attractive trait, too.


If you’re not an avid baker, make your mother bake the cupcakes and then take the credit. Get a nice Christian knowledge game like “Bible Blurt! Eventually this will attract others to ask what you’re up to. Counterintuitive as this might sound, treating coffee hour as your coffee shop is a better method than you might think.” An added benefit here is that you’re inviting him or her to a group, thus making it less intimidating.But if you don't have such an obvious entrance, the easiest way is to think about your favorite part of the conversation and say, “I’d love to hear more about _____ sometime” and ask if you can have a phone number or email address or a connection on a social network.) I chatted with her for a little while but left without her phone number, thus leaving our next meeting to chance.


Eventually she found me on a social-networking site and wrote, “Hey, I think I know you,” and I got my act together and asked her out on a date.Also, this method allows you to offer to meet the following week and lend him or her the book when you’re done with it. Chatting up the grannies behind the counter who bring out the extra pitchers of coffee can provide good information about people.


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