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Accepts either noarguments, or two arguments consisting of the e-mail address andpassword.● /scripts/updateuserdomains Updates the user:owner and user:domain tables stored in:– /etc/userdomains– /etc/trueuserdomains– /etc/trueuserowners– These tables are used to enumerate and keep track of accountsand their owners.

Package Management———————-● /scripts/ensurerpm Takes argument list of rpms, which are then passed to theunderlying package manager● /scripts/ensurepkg The equivalent of ensurerpm for Free BSD.



/var/cpanel/accounting.log————————Contains a list of accounting functions performed through WHM, including account removal and creation.

Common Backup Issues——————–● Backup intervals are not executed when expected.– Modification times are incorrect or not functional– System time is incorrect.– Backups have not been defined to run on that day.● Backups stall, or take an exceedingly long time to complete.– Verify that the transmission rate to remote server is suitable– Verify that server load average has not exceeded definedresource limit.


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