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3) I’m starting to think Tonya is actually unstable.Not in the typical “unstable reality-show contestant” way; I think she has legitimate mental issues.Will Probably Stick Around Simply Because People Like Them: Katie (Champion), Veronica (Champion), Casey (Challenger) If you’re a girl with a reputation as a slut/partier, you can go far in these games…. Syrus (Champion): This guy’s got to be approaching 40 now, but he knows how these games are played and doesn’t have many enemies. Johanna (Champion): Strong ties to players on both teams will help keep her in the game. Johnny (Champion): He usually sticks around a while, but alienates a lot of teammates in the process. Darrell (Champion): Challenging Wes to a fight last night probably earned him a lot of points. Dunbar (Challenger): He hasn’t won anything yet, but he’s shown promise. Derrick (Champion): The Challenge’s John Elway: People wondered if he could win the big one, and now he’s coming off back-to-back wins. Brad (Challenger): The Challenge’s Kurt Warner (without the ring): You expect him to lose in a heartbreaker. Kenny (Champion): Good at challenges, but great at alliances. Evelyn (Champion): Hands down the best female athlete of the decade. Ever since “The Challenge: Rivals III” premiered, it was obvious to both the audience and veteran competitors that there were way too many “Are You the One? Aside from the fact that no one watches that MTV dating show, there’s a huge difference coming into “The Challenge” series after competing to find a compatible date and pushing yourself to extreme mental limits on “The Real World,” or being physically torn apart on previous “Challenge” cycles.The teams on are the “Champions” and the “Challengers,” with the former consisting of past winners and the latter of newcomers and past losers.I don’t see any way that the “Challengers” actually pull this off.But when a given episode is almost drunken dramz, and that dramz is largely centered around Challengers I haven't got invested in yet -- in a season in which, to date, we have had exactly one elimination challenge, because everyone's bent on eliminating themselves apparently? I mean, I respect TJ's zero-tolerance stance on quitting, but can you blame Brandon for bailing it when it's this boring? And then Briana rips a strip off Brandon, or tries to, but she's wearing a neck pillow and he can't take her seriously, and then he goes home.Before we get to the challenge, as yet incomplete, that left Ashley and Cory in bandages, we have to hear about Simone's anus in gruesome detail, watch Camila get in two different fights, and see a whole lot of various buttcheeks (Dragbrows) and boobs (...everyone? Not sure how to rank these dopes based on the material we got, but here goes! " TJ does little to try to convince Brandon to stay and, once he and Briana take their leave, he sums up the situation pithily before getting into the challenge brief: Truer words, my extreme-sporting friend.

Too Early To Tell: Ibis (Champion), Susie (Champion), Kelly Anne (Challenger), Brianna (Challenger), Sarah (Challenger), Kimberly (Challenger), Adam (Challenger), Cohutta (Challenger), Danny (Challenger), Nick (Challenger) Lots of people in this category because there’s only been one challenge and it’s hard to see how these people fit into the dynamic.

Things became even more grim when he developed pneumonia while in the coma, but he fought his way back to health.

Lavin was able to return home a month later and work his way to a full recovery. “My partner’s a bitch and I have to go home,” Briana laments.

RELATED: ‘The Challenge’ teams crap their pants as ‘Rivals III’ reveals a new ‘super twist’ Now, it takes a lot to rattle host TJ Lavin. His deadpan delivery of explaining the rules to the mostly deft contestants perfectly compliments their rowdy over-the-top behavior.

Lavin is highly respected among the show’s contestants.

She may be absolutely crazy, but the girl is primed and ready to compete.


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