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She also tackled her first ballad, a "Peter Gabriel–big" ode to her idea of the American dream."[`Riot Song'] is to those people who don't give up and who have the courage to think for themselves and, like me, create their own reality."—Allison P. NEXT: Emily Haines Emily Haines"The challenge is always to stand up and sing at the top of my lungs—not to whisper it, but to scream it."In the 14 years since she took a Greyhound bus from Toronto, her hometown, to live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and make music, rocker Emily Haines has released four albums packed with hook-heavy dance rock as the face of New Wave indie quartet Metric, embarked on a solo side project of piano-driven torch songs, and supplied her breathy vocals to the likes of MSTRKRFT and Tiësto.Since the release of her debut single, "Video Games," in October, Lana Del Rey (née Elizabeth Grant) has enjoyed an intense love-hate relationship with the public: on the one hand, a much-maligned SNL performance; on the other, a Mulberry bag named for her. Her voice, for a start—one moment a laconic drawl, the next a sex-kittenish chirp—and the strangely haunting songs on her album Born to Die, which broods on bad boys and small-town beauty queens. After a life-changing Mount Kilimanjaro climb and a year of battling label red tape, the Philadelphia-bred, Brooklyn-based 35-year-old finally returned to the studio to create Master of My Make Believe.By being both captivating and difficult to pinpoint, Del Rey may have committed the most subversive act of all: keeping us guessing.—Amanda Fitz Simons Santigold"You just need to figure out what's in your control and what isn't and be okay with it." It's been four years since Santigold (then known as Santogold, born Santi White) debuted the self-titled LP that established her as a pop polyglot. This time, having switched record labels (to Atlantic), she was without the team of producers who helped her develop her sound. Santigold designed the album artwork, wrote the songs, and enlisted her collaborators (Switch, Karen O, and TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek, to name a few).

In case you missed the memo: Julian Plenti is Paul Banks, who is the lead brooder from Interpol. According to these glazed-over eyes, light-shirted Banks is framed and/or simply fucked over by black-shirted Banks, who proceeds to destroy a hotel room with a wigged Haines. fancypants was a nickname he got from playing pool."When it didn't happen, I was shocked." After seven years, Garbage is back with a snarling, slick, instant-classic-caliber new album, Not Your Kind of People, to remind us what we've been missing. (Recorded at the height of the Occupy Wall Street movement, the song includes the lyric, "It was a long joke until the punch line came.") "I try to stay connected to a feeling, a moment," says Haines.


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