Quinn and logan dating


For example, in Chase's Girlfriend Quinn tries to prove to Logan that she's capable of helping him with his free throws and has become good at basketball.

However, he remains adamant that she is a spaz and has no skills in sports whatsoever.

Logan had called Quinn several hurtful names, which she had overheard.

This resulted in her refusing to finish building the robot since everyone had laughed behind her back.



This could be because the gang have grown up and matured personality wise; with Logan becoming less of a jerk, and Quinn becoming less quirky.

She is even shown to be concerned and worried for them when she realises that the Quinnvention has a disastrous side effect of making their clothes disappear.

Despite being somewhat friendlier to each other this season, Logan and Quinn's animosity still came to a head often, with the worst incident occurring in Robot Wars whilst she was helping everyone build their robot.

They announce their relationship in public in "Chasing Zoey". Logan kissed Quinn in the episode "Quinn misses the Mark".


They announce their relationship in public in "Chasing Zoey".

Logan kissed Quinn in the episode "Quinn misses the Mark".



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