Separation agreement and dating

Hereafter, neither party shall make any claim against the other for any intangible personal property in the name, possession or control of the other.11. Neither party hereafter shall charge or cause to be charged to or against the other party any purchase which either party may; and neither John nor Mary shall create any engagements or obligations in the name of or against the other hereafter nor shall they secure or attempt to secure any credit upon or in connection with the other or in his or her name.Each party shall promptly pay all debts and discharge all financial obligations, to the best of his or her respective ability, which either may incur for himself or herself hereafter; and each shall hold the other free and harmless and shall indemnify and defend the other from any and all subsequent debts, obligations or liabilities which are incurred or sustained individually hereafter.12. John agrees to promptly pay, when due, all debts incurred in his name alone and to indemnify and hold Mary harmless therefrom.Please utilize the services of an attorney in preparing your documents.


Contemporaneously with the execution of this Agreement, Mary has by quitclaim deed conveyed her interest in said property to John subject to the existing note and deed of trust encumbering the property, the balance of which John assumes and agrees to pay.

Re: Dating and separation Dating without sexual intercourse is not adultery.

This being said by doing so you may cause harm to your possible/pending divorce.

The provisions for the support, maintenance and alimony of Mary are independent of any division or agreement for division of property between the parties, and shall not for any purpose be deemed to be a part of or merged in or integrated with the property settlement of the parties.16.


Waiver Of Rights To Equitable Distribution And Other Rights In Marital Property.

On that date Mary departed the premises and has since resided elsewhere.


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