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The store invoices and inventories are sources of information about merchandise.

The Doctor's Hospital Record, 1933-1934, provides the same kind of information as the monthly hospital reports found in the Hospital Correspondence, 1921-1940 (LSC23/1-7). Time and Payroll Books, 1900-1934, include information covering names, sex, gangs, wages, deductions and overtime of laborers. Accident Reports to the Industrial Accident Board, 1927-1932, include compensation information and a short run of Separation Cards, 1940-1941, document employees, mostly Filipinos, who left Hamakua Mill Company just before World War II. Crop Data Books, 1931-1943, give good summaries of costs of crops.

An Inventory and Depreciation Book provides original costs and annual depreciation value of buildings, vehicles, machinery, water system, railroads etc. Various tax accounts between 19 include income taxes and perquisite taxes. Entries in the Analysis of Juice and Sugars Book were made daily at the mill between 18.

Labor Reports from 1922 to 1925 (LSC25/7) contain comparative labor figures from all plantations.

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Monthly hospital reports indicate illness, patient's name and bango, and days off work.

By the 1930s, all cane was delivered to the mill by railway, which consisted of fourteen and a half miles of track and over thirty railroad bridges crossing numerous gulches. Kukaiau Plantation became part of the Hamakua Mill Company in 1914. PROCESSED RECORDS, NOTES Hamakua Mill Company records are organized into the following series or major categories: - Correspondence - Corporate Records - Cultivation Contracts - Financial Records - Miscellaneous Records - Other Company Records - Personnel and Payroll Records - Production Records Correspondence 1915-1949.


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