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As persons of a surname originating either within or without southeastern Ulster, it is debated whether some Mc Nulty are also descended of the Mac Donlevy royal house, itself.As all the other Dál Fiatach dynasties, members of both the clanna Mac Donlevy and Mc Nulty claim descent from Fiatach Finn mac Dáire, a King of Ulster and High King of Ireland in the 1st century A.

As stated in the now out of copyright year 1893 Dictionary of National Biography, "As the family originally came from Ulidia, the lesser Uladh, or Ulster, the members of it are often called in Irish writings, instead of Mac Donlevy, Ultach, that is Ulsterman, and from this the name Mc Nulty, Mac an Ultaigh, son of the Ulsterman is derived." To a historical certainty, the Mac Donlevy royalty did adopt this nickname Ultach as an agnomen (additional surname), while in asylum in Tir after their 1177 defeat by the forces of de Courcy named to the high Gaelic status of "ollahm leighis" or the official physicians to the O'Donnells dynasty Kings of Tirconnell (variant spelling Tyrconnell and sometimes abbreviated "Tir").

Depending on the particular American text source (United States or Canadian), it may follow the British convention or it may place all surnames beginning with the prefix "Mac" separately from surnames beginning with the prefix "Mc" at the alphabetical position of "Mac" and all surnames beginning with "Mc", instead, at the subsequent alphabetical position of "Mc".


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