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Tocarra welcomed everyone and wasn't afraid to teach others what it means to be transgender, so she played a big role in bringing an understanding of transgender reality to the Alliance community.She was patient with those who didn't get it, teaching rather than chastising them when their words were hurtful, and she stood up for everyone who needed a defender, not just those students who were most like her.“If she would just stop dressing that way, she wouldn't have these problems,” they said. When the school opened, students came from all over to attend, and most of them didn't know each other before they walked through our doors.


But at the large high school, she was being harassed and threatened every time she wore women's clothes to school.

Harvey’s musical career officially began at the tender age of thirteen when he was enlisted as a drummer for a punk band whose other members’ average age was 24.

The band was a favourite with Radio 1’s John Peel, being featured on his infamous “Sessions” show.

He has a solid following in places as far-flung as Singapore and Japan where there is a record store named after his lo-fi Black Cock record label.

He has released tracks under various pseudonyms on labels such as Mo’ Wax, Dorado, Ministry Of Sound, Skint and Junior Boys Own.

Many of us on the planning team had witnessed the discrimination and homophobic harassment of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth in traditional schools, and it was our intention to create a place where it would be “OK to be black, white, gay, straight, gothic, Buddhist, Christian, or just plain unique.” What we didn't know was how far outside those doors we would have to go in standing up for our students.


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    Community food security, the ability of a region to feed all its citizens without having to depend on the petroleum-based global corporate supply chain, is going to be one of the biggest challenges of the coming era.

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