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In the harshest conditions, shelter can be one of the most pressing needs to survive. This is a 50 min walk and covers over 2 miles at a quick walking pace. Have you ever thought you might want to try ice fishing, but you didn't know where to start? Ever wondered where the wind comes from, how hail forms, or if all clouds are the same?

Being able to improvise a shelter quickly is a great skill to have in your tool belt. Take this unique opportunity to see all four floors of the Wildwood Manor House and discover more about what life was like when the historic home was called Stranleigh. Bundle up and come out to your Metroparks for sledding and winter fun. Join local expert Brad Dunkle to learn the essentials for your first trip. Scouts will find answers to these questions and more, including rules to keep them safe in dangerous weather.

Open to all interested adults and recommended for Metroparks Walk Leaders, Roving Interpreters, Wildlife Monitors, Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalists and Volunteer Trail Patrol(VMT). Each week features an exciting, new world travel destination.

Interested in joining the Manor House volunteers as a tour leader? We will discover the ins-and-outs of this beautiful, historic home and the community efforts that went in to keeping this property as a nature preserve. In 2008, Mike Harvey was part of a team of ornithologists exploring the remote Cerros de Sira range in central Peru.

Develop your understanding of this storied sport before the weather breaks.


Over t he next couple of days we spent little time apart as we just clicked and felt so comfortable together.

Amanda Howard will help us discover how the ancient bedrock beneath our feet was formed hundreds of millions of years ago, then learn about how more recent geologic forces have shaped our landscape to what we know and love today.

The indoor presentation will be followed by an optional, naturalist-led walk. Do you know how to get the most out of your digital device and what it takes to capture a winning photo?

Come move, learn and socialize as we take a gently paced nature walk around Wildwood Metropark. At , we may venture out to take a quick look in nearby trees and meadows (optional).

I had only been on Oasis a couple of days, an Oasis user by the alias of Eve-Alexandra contacted me and I accepted.

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