Underwear dating

Exciting new archaeological finds in 2010 have uncovered what appears to be the first examples of existing medieval underwear other than the smock or chemise.

These finds come from Castle Ling mountain near Nikolsdorf in East Tyrol.

The illumination at right from the early 1400s, Dionysus I humiliates the women of Locri shows women removing their outer garments to reveal a plain white opaque smock or shift with a very low,wide neck which accommodates the low, wide fashions of the day without showing.

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But who hasn’t gone on a first date where you wished you were comfortably at ease?

Or maybe a sixth date when you are anything but at ease, because your date has been getting handsy all night?

This particular examples cites: It is also recorded that in 1397 Margherita Datini owned a shift of fine linen over which in winter she wore a petticoat of wool or fur- otter, cat or miniver.

Her gown and surcote were worn over those other two layers and a cloak over that.

The sporty flair of the brief is attractive, and if these bad boys are spotted peeking out from behind your pants, your date is sure to approve.

She could, of course, be using the plural form to indicate that she owned many of the same item and not more than one item worn together.



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