Updating sop


Projects are always tied to the SOPs that apply to them throughout their life cycle.

Upon revision of an SOP the review date should be added, as well as the reviewers involved.

You can of course override these settings for more or less frequent life cycles.

During those revisions it may also be determined whether one or more SOPs are even needed, as the process may have become obsolete.

Create a positive experience and atmosphere for all clients through the professional engagement with both internal and external contacts including dealing with direct enquiries in a courteous manner.



Interact with clients as per defined client retention strategy, and provide visible support and information in response to enquiries and queries pertaining to shipment movement, customs queries, updating and submission of client tracking, status reports and KPI’s.

Review periods may be determined, for instance, every 1-2 years, to ensure that the policies and procedures remain current and appropriate.



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