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Sakura appears to die in an inferno and Syaoran vows never to love again. With an offer from her 'sensei', Hanabusa Aidou, she is able to create a link with the outside world via letters. Now he is a famous singer/song-writer whose breakthrough album had sold 100,000 copies in its first week in Japan, wishing that she'd see him again: a global superstar who has fallen in love with her..."Sousuke straightens, tipping his chin down to glare at whoever the unwanted visitor is well before he identifies the broad shoulders and the green eyes of one of the Iwatobi club members." Sousuke picks a fight and he and Makoto stop waiting. Policeman Yamazaki Sousuke has a habit of visiting a particular coffee shop for his daily morning coffee run.

When she wakes up in someone else's body, Sakura discovers that she can never reveal herself to those she loves, or Syaoran will die. Sx SWhen Sasha made the resolve to object at a wedding she couldn't bear to see through, she made sure she was prepared for anything. Falling in love with the princess and earning her love in return? It was all the duties of being the princess' consort that was the hard part. Fresh university graduate Tachibana Makoto has recently taken up the morning shift at said coffee shop and works as a part-time firefighter in the afternoons. It is the end of summer, and months have gone by since Sasha last saw Eren.

La Corda DOro Hakushaku to Yousei I have SO many favourite couples: Sakura/Syaoran (both TRC and CCS), Haruhi/Tamaki, Yuuki/Zero, Hana/Izumi, Kobato/Fukimoto, Kahoko/Kazuki, Kahoko/Len, Edgar/Lydia Zero, Im really tall and it annoys me when people want me to wear heels.

I mean, I know Im supposed to embrace my height, and I do, but I dont want to make my self I can get angry quickly and if you provoke me.

" "You can't steal something that's already in your possession, Sakura." Between owing favors and setting the record straight, somehow, Sakura and Syaoran had stumbled into the deep abyss others call "love". AU, Sx S Sakura has entered the life of the Li patriarch and his eldest son has a problem with it. The one you dream of when you're a little kid,when you see yourself dressed in white next to the perfect guy. The murders could be traced to Syaoran, an unstable young man. Zero is a merman, who has harbored a secret crush on Princess Yuki for years. ;o You know you want to read it Imagine this – two men and one woman stepped in an elevator. Sakura comes against a truth that shakes her confidence. What better way than to read a book on the subject? A secret fling with the school nerd was all that it was supposed to be. But when he makes a surprise trip into town, is it purely innocent or is there more to it than it seems... She seems to be expecting him and begins to talk for the first time. Sx S oneshot Sakura, Syaraon, and Mokona are separated from Fai and Kuragane.

Five-chapter romantic comedy & sequel to What's Your Type? She counters his antagonism fiercely, pulling him closer as they let their attraction bloom. But, is he really the one she wants to spend forever with? Sakura was no one, just the adopted sister of Detective Fai Fluorite. When he finds out that she has been engaged to Prince Kaname Kuran, he seeks help from Shizuka, the sea witch. On the way up to the highest floor, an arm wraps around the woman’s shoulders. His publicized life as a model/actor forgot to account for one thing: the identity of the girl he used to love. Zero turns out to be a vampire, after years of being her constant companion. When I tried to forget you, you appeared before me again. And a woman’s got to carry certain…um, things with her! ” The one time that Zero messes up while giving Yuuki's chocolates to Kaname leads to more than just a few revelations. Although Sakura tries to think otherwise, her introspection might just prove her wrong. "I'm just afraid he'll change his mind." Syaoran did have a lot of admirers and in the end, Sakura was just Sakura. Sakura’s deepest, darkest fear is that it’ll be revealed. its already too late; it’ll eventually have to be revealed in the most public fashion possible. None of it is what Syaoran wants to hear but sometimes the most painful things can make us the happiest. They end up in a small clearing filled with cherry trees. Ever since the incident in the stables, Zero has become inexplicably cold towards Yuki, completely shutting her out.

Sasha Braus wasn't expecting to find the stranger leaning against the wall to be someone she'd ask to dance, but the drinks she'd had earlier told her otherwise. The rest of her summer is spent in an attempt to learn more about this young man-and herself. Even from the start she accepted that whatever feeling she has would be left unrequited, and unnoticed. (Or the case in which Jean is in denial and won't admit the truth the whole damn world sees.) As seen through the eyes of his best friend. I don't think you realize how head-over-heals in love with her you are. I feel like I'm watching a teenage drama unfold before me." jeansasha. That being said, he's not a fan of trying new things. How Sasha always manages to convince him to try things, he'll never know. Follows Fragile Heart - She really wished things had worked out now. But when she shows Zero her remarkable discovery, things get a little...bloody? Sakura, Fay and Kurogane will have to slap some sense into him before they're all dead SS KFYuuki is faced with a dilemma she hadn't been able to understand until recently.


Goodbye, journalistic integrity and hello, media hell. Post-Frozen, Anna/Kristoff Yuuki Cross is trapped in the Kuran manor, alone and longing for something she can't reach. Jean Sasha College AU [Warning: Sex, language] Hints of other pairings."You really have a gift. " Before leaving town, she said those words to him: a poor guy singing in an alley.

Makoto didn't expect that he'd ring the doorbell at the wrong time. He obliges her, but when the night leads to a bit more than either of them expect, how do they handle the morning after? What’s Syaoran Li to do when everyone thinks he’s a playboy sex god—and he’s quite the virgin, still blushing every time the girl he really loves, Sakura Kinomoto, comes near him? And that's about it AU, It was completely maddening, not knowing who she was. What on earth could have made her best friend go crazy? Sakura and Syaoran have finally realised their love for one another. AU, and slightly OOCShe'd always feel weird around Zero, but she couldn't explain why. All she knew was that it was something special and worth keeping. But what happens when they meet by chance at a ball for both the hunters and the vampires? All seemed fine at first, but trouble ensues when Sakura captures the eyes of the bachelor, Li Syaoran, instead.


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