Voice dating

While I truly appreciate what accessibility issues have been fixed, it's very sad and frustrating that the main ones, like "Speak to user," "Refuse user," and setting up your profile, haven't been fixed.

According to some of the reviews in the app store, a lot of people have said they really like using the app, since there hasn't been one like it. I have gone through entirely the app in order to understand how a blind user would use the app, trying to understand all natural Voice Over motions.

Just click the microphone button and record your message! Echo - the world's only Dating app where, instead of text, use only voice messages!

Where ever you are in the USA or Japan, China or Russia, Brazil or Korea - you will get an answer! ECHO is an unique service for random and anonymous Dating!


One App Store reviewer Gt Youk said: “Something about hearing a voice and not seeing the photo that makes the connection to the other person seem stronger.Echo - the world's only platform for Dating, which uses only voice messages!



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