Who is cc deville dating

Guitarist, and recent Surreal Life Season 6 star, C. Deville is set to have his first child with long time girlfriend Shannon Malone.TMZ hears they are very excited over what will be the first child for both.The mom-to-be says everything is going great so far, and describes pregnancy as "an amazing process." Shannon is no stranger to the spotlight herself.The blonde bombshell is a regular on the pages of Stuff and other "lad" mags and she's had some acting success as well.Poison was the ultimate "hair metal" band of the '80s, known for wild times on and off stage.


CC played three chord Pop songs that made him a lot of money and then the whole style died the death that it deserved. At the Bay Area Doper New Year's Eve bash up at Demo's, we watched the Poison "Behind The Music" and pretty much agreed that Bobby was by far the most well-adjusted of all of them. And, unlike the others, he had managed to leave the '80s haircut behind.

He was pretty damn funny, and unlike Bret, he wasn't whining so much as he just sounded matter of fact about the whole thing.



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