Who is cynthia rodriguez dating

Kate del Castillo a famous actress once married to the former Mexican soccer player Luis Garcia, didn’t have any intention to start a relationship with a younger man, after her second failed marriage to young actor Aaron Diaz, she had had enough; it was Kate’s dad actor Erick Castillo two told media el Canelo pretended his daughter but she just wasn’t into him. It was rumored El Canelo could share the starring role in Juan Osorio’s soap opera base on him with his former flame Marisol Gonzalez, although Marisol hasn’t confirm her participation in the production set to next June.But Canelo Alvarez didn’t stay single, weeping over Kate’s rejection, media started to follow his every step and that led them to the sexy Cynthia Rodriguez.Besides her beauty in the outside her inner beauty is overwhelming, she has something very special, now that I have come to know her, I just love the way she is, and we have a beautiful relationship.I am very happy, I had never felt this way and I want to enjoy it to the full extent of it, we want to take things slowly, outside of the public eye, but we a public figures and that is not possible,.Cynthia Rodriguez wants to know everything about Alex Rodriguez.

C-Rod, who is in Miami with her two small daughters while Alex remains in New York, revealed that her husband supported her leaving town when news of his alleged affair - of the heart, or otherwise - with Madonna.

She also performed the theme songs for several soap operas like “La Fuerza del Destino” for Mujer Comprada, “Si No Estas Conmigo” for Amor en Custodia.



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